Patch Notes vom 26.02.2020 [DotA 2]

  • - Fixed a bug with combining Bloodstone or Rapier when some components were in your backpack.

    - Fixed the interaction of backdoor protection and Lone Druid's Bear and Brewmaster's Primal Split.

    - When selling stacked wards both sentry and observer wards now restock correctly.

    - Fixed a bug where a gem stolen from the enemy team would credit the wrong player with bounty for wards killed.

    - Fixed a bug where a creep killing a ward did not award bounty gold to the player who placed the detection.

    - Fixed the interaction of Lone Druid's Spirit Bear and Magic Lamp.

    - Dark Seer's Surge and Legion Commander's Press the Attack with the AoE talents will no longer cause the caster to pivot when self-casting.

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